Will Technology Change Workers' Compensation Insurance?

23 April 2017 Category: Article Archives, Business Insurance

Will Technology Change Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

When it comes to technology and workers’ compensation in Glendale, technology will help and has helped many companies streamline their process to make it much easier for the employee to make their claim. 

Will technology change workers’ compensation in Glendale? That question is only valid under the assumption that workers’ compensation has not already made an impact on workers’ comp. New technologies are improving almost every facet of the human experience and the insurance sector is no exception. Workers’ compensation is improving in everything from communications and training to healthcare delivery and claims. In just a few years, technology has already improved workers’ compensation insurance in the following ways:

  • Communication with employees by using smartphone notifications. Information that is critical in preventing injuries and claim updates can all be provided through the internet and into their phones.
  • In managing the claims process by customizing their email alerts and notifying them of important workers’ compensation updates, like when their prescriptions are ready.
  • Workforce training also improves because the employee can have all the information they need right in their phones.
  • Delivering care to injured workers through their smartphones and directing them to preferred medical providers.

Another form of technology that has had an impact is wearable technology. Wearable technology such as smartwatches, vests, and helmets can monitor employee movements and notify coworkers of danger. It can monitor the health of the employee, like fatigue, body temperature, and repetitive motion. The data that is collected can be used in training, fraud protection, and various wellness programs.
Construction industry wearables also include lights and vibrate to alert employees of nearby danger, not entirely unlike Spider-Man’s “spidey-sense.”

Technology can also help centralize workforce safety and improve the employee injury reporting system.

Where injuries were once reported to various branches of the company and confused employees who had to go through a maze just to file a claim, technology removes all of the unnecessary hoops. Technology can greatly improve incident report rates. Companies can add automated forms and connect employee data so that the forms are already pre-filled. Forms can also be sent electronically to all the necessary supervisor, HR, and safety officer.

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