Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks And Replacement Cost

30 December 2021 Category: Homeowner Insurance

Will My Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Roof Leaks and Replacement Cost?

Having a house doesn’t come cheap. It requires a huge investment, that’s why you need to protect it.

There is no better way of protecting your home from potential damage if not with homeowners’ insurance. It is a form of safety net that covers you and your home financially. In case of damage or theft, it will cover the repair or replacement cost of your home to bring it to its original state or close to it.

However, there are certain limitations to this insurance. Like if it will cover the cost of roof replacement or roof leaks. This post provides an answer to that. Read on to discover more!

 How Does Homeowners’ Insurance Provide Coverage?

When an insurance policy is purchased, the insurer requires the policyholder to pay a premium, i.e., monthly insurance rate, which is part of the terms of the agreement. The policy is in effect as far as premium is paid. This monthly premium is used for covering any claim of damage. Think of it as a kind of savings for the rainy day.

What Damages Do Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Cover?

Typical home insurance offers 5 major kinds of coverage. These include structural coverage, additional living expense, liability coverage, medical expenses, and personal belongings. Here’s a detailed description of each:

  1. Structural Coverage: It covers damages to the structure of your home and other structures on your property like the gatehouse, fence, garage, and outhouse.
  2. Additional Living Expense: This coverage comes into play when your home becomes inhabitable. Your insurer will pay any expense resulting from getting a temporary accommodation including the cost of moving until the house is kept in order.
  3. Liability Coverage: It covers any damage you or anyone living in your home is liable for.
  4. Medical Expense: It covers the cost of injury sustained while in the house
  5. Personal Belonging: Home insurance will also protect the belongings in your home from damage and theft.

Overall, homeowners’ insurance will protect your home from damages resulting from sudden events or acts of nature such as hailstorms, wind, fire, aircraft damage, lightning fire, theft, water damage, etc.

What about Roof Damage?

Since the roof is a part of the home structure, home insurance will also cover it as long as the cause of damage is as stated in your policy.

The only kind of roof damage it will not cover is those resulting from wear and tear. For instance, blocked gutters, damage by pests and termites, and faulty water pipes.

What Types of Roof Damage Will Your Home Insurance Cover?

The only two roof cost homeowners’ insurance will cover are roof leaks and replacement.

  • Roof Leak

First of all, the most probable cause of roof leak is already stated in your insurance policy, wind, hailstorm, fire, and other perils. So, expect the damage to be covered by your insurance.

  • Roof Replacement

Most insurers will not cover the cost of replacement for damages tagged as cosmetic. For instance, if only 1-2 shingles are missing, you’ll need to pay for such expenses out of your pocket. In simple words, home insurance may or may not cover the cost of roof replacement, especially if the damage is a minor one.

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