What to Do and What Not to Do With Your Tax Refund

9 May 2016 Category: Article Archives

What to Do and What Not to Do With Your Tax Refund

If your tax refund came in the mail and you’re unsure what you should spend it on, we’re here to help.

Wipe away your tear because tax season is finally over! Millions of Americans will have received their tax refunds through the mail from the IRS, and it may even put a big smile on their faces. You may be thinking that you can finally purchase that 80’’ LED TV to watch your favorite football team in big HD greatness. As tempting as this may sound, you may want to pump your brakes, take a step back, and think about what would be wiser use for your tax refund.

Things to NOT Use It On

  1. Purchase a New TV

Sorry, but watching Tom Brady’s perfect chin in glorious HD is going to have to wait. There are better things in which will help you out in the big picture.

  1. Put It In Your Checking Account

While the intention may be good (and it certainly is heading in the right direction), putting your refund in your savings account may tempt you to purchase things you don’t need and won’t help you in the future.

Things TO Use It On

  1. Pay Off Debt

Your student or credit card debt looms large when you think about financial freedom. Reducing, or even paying off, these loans will actually save you money in the end because you won’t have to pay the monthly interest. And that saved money can go towards that new TV.

  1. “Rainy Day” Fund

Putting money into a savings account is a rather good idea in case anything should happen and you need large funds fast. Experts recommend no less than 6 months’ pay should go into this account.

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