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Safeguarding Your Home From Burglars

Tips for Preventing Break-InsHelpful Tips For Preventing Break-Ins

No matter how safe of a neighborhood you live in, you must be diligent in safeguarding your home from the hands of criminals. Spring and summer are just around the corner, meaning burglary numbers are soon going to skyrocket. To ensure that you do not become a statistic, consider these helpful tips for preventing break-ins:

  • When going on vacation for spring break or a summer getaway, it is important that you refrain from announcing your home’s vacancy online. While telling your friends and family about your upcoming trip to Spain on your Facebook page may be tempting, it is important that you avoid this dangerous habit of modern society.
  • You must be diligent in protecting your home. Just because it is locked does not mean it is less vulnerable. This means never giving parking lot attendants your key or giving workers a key to your home.
  • Many homeowners make the mistake of neglecting their landscaping, which can actually make for the perfect hiding spot for criminals. If your shrubbery is overgrown to the point where a burglar has more privacy, a passerby or neighbor may not be able to inform you of the problem.
  • It is highly recommended that you install motion-sensitive lights outside of your home, as this is an effective strategy in deterring burglars from your home. If a criminal is inching their way towards your home and are surprised by an overhead light, chances are they will choose a more secluded and dark home.
  • Most importantly, you must regularly take preventative action. This means ensuring all windows and doors in your home have working locks and are in the appropriate locked position. Also, make sure to change your locks if anyone who should not have your key ends up getting a hold of them.

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