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27 November 2015 Category: Uncategorized

4 Apps to Kick Start Your Small Businesses

Get your Pasadena, CA business boosted and organized with nifty phone apps!

Running a small business or a startup can be costly and hectic! Luckily, with the use of advanced and time-saving technology, applications for phones and computers can streamline work days, finances, and management. To make your business run smoother, more efficient, and better your time and money, implement these apps today!

Time Management:
Rescue Time
This time management apps runs in the background of your computer and mobile devices to track activity on websites and applications. A report is sent at the end of each day, breaking down the time spent on each task. Not only does this show where time can be saved, but it allows entrepreneurs (and their staff!) to better manage their days.

Busy business owners need not sift through irrelevant emails every day now! allows you to declutter your inbox instantly, rather than having to click on each email and ‘Unsubscribe’ from email lists.

An essential app for any small or growing business, Mint brings financial management to entrepreneurs’ fingertips! This app files all financial accounts in one place to provide a quick overview for business owners. Each transaction can be categorized so entrepreneurs can track expenses, revenue, and monthly spending with an easy visual chart. For those who are constantly on-the-go (and forgetful), there’s even a handy bill reminder!

As a startup company, you’re probably aware of how essential networking is to grow your business. With lots of people to remember (and to remember to follow up with!), Humin allows you to combine contacts from your mobile and social media accounts with your calendar. In addition, contacts from emails and voicemails can easily be created as a contact. What’s the name of the person that you met at the conference last month? Ask Humin!

While growing your small or startup business, you will want to ensure that it is kept protected. From injured employees to vehicle insurance, a good business owner will keep their company from suffering from potential perils. Massive Insurance offers business insurance that protects your business from costly claims and substantial damage. Contact us today for all of your Pasadena, California business insurance needs!