Tips for purchasing workers' compensation insurance

25 October 2023 Category: worker compensation

Navigating Workers’ Compensation Insurance: 8 Proven Tips for Success

Workplace safety is a paramount concern for every business owner. Investing in the right Workers’ Compensation Insurance is crucial for the well-being of your employees. This coverage protects your employees in the event of an injury and safeguards your business from potential legal and financial liabilities. To help you navigate through the process, here are eight invaluable tips for purchasing Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Understand Your State’s Requirements: Before diving into the Workers’ Compensation Insurance world, familiarize yourself with your state’s requirements. Each state has its own regulations and coverage mandates. […]
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10 September 2020 Category: worker compensation

Common Workers Compensation Mistakes That Cost You

It’s not really until you are hit with a few unexpected workers’ compensation mistakes that you start to think about how to improve them. When it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind for most businesses. Most employers look at workers’ compensation as an unavoidable cost of doing business. However, it works to protect your business when the worst happens, and even simple mistakes can cost your company. Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes                                      […]
Will Technology Change Workers' Compensation Insurance?

23 April 2017 Category: Article Archives, Business Insurance

Will Technology Change Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

When it comes to technology and workers’ compensation in Glendale, technology will help and has helped many companies streamline their process to make it much easier for the employee to make their claim.  Will technology change workers’ compensation in Glendale? That question is only valid under the assumption that workers’ compensation has not already made an impact on workers’ comp. New technologies are improving almost every facet of the human experience and the insurance sector is no exception. Workers’ compensation is improving in everything from communications and training to healthcare […]
Employee Benefits & Business Insurance Pasadena CA

19 October 2015 Category: Uncategorized

Essential Employee Benefits

For all U.S. businesses, there are essential employee benefits that must be offered. If your company approaches employee benefits as purely optional additions to a salary package, the harsh reality is that several employee benefits are mandatory in the United States. Both legally required and optional benefits have legal and tax implications for the employers offering them, so be sure that you understand the full effects of your benefit choices before establishing them. Social Security Taxes As an employer of full-time employees, you are required to collect social security taxes […]

14 February 2014 Category: Article Archives

What You Should Know About Individual Contractors and Workers Compensation Insurance

Hiring individual contractors has its advantages. It lowers a company’s operating costs while still providing the manpower a company needs for occasional projects and/or peak season demands. It enables a company to take on special projects without the need to hire and train a full-time employee. At the same time, a business owner should be aware of the insurance-related implications of hiring a contractor. California law clearly states that unlicensed contractors who engage in work that requires a license are considered (for insurance purposes) to be employees of the company. […]