Hidden Poisons Dangerous to your Pets

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Hidden Household Pet Poisons

Steer your pet away from toxic items that lurk within your home. Anyone who has a pet knows how difficult it can be to keep them away from food and items that they shouldn’t eat. From leftover candy to table scraps, dogs and cats have the propensity to eat anything and everything around the house. What we don’t know is that some of these items that may seem innocent are poisonous to our furry friends. Here are four household items which can threaten your animals’ life: Ibuprofen This medicine inhibits […]
Preparing for Natural Disasters

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Preparing Your Finances for an Unexpected Natural Disaster

Your financial future can be protected with reliable Pasadena, CA insurance. While a natural disaster may not be at the top of your list of concerns, it’s known that the U.S. experienced a record-breaking number of natural disasters in 2011 with losses of nearly $60 billion. With the number of natural disasters on the rise, residents nationwide are realizing that Mother Nature can cause havoc wherever. Thousands of citizens who never dreamed of weather-related conditions are now facing the threat of damage to their home and finances. If you are […]
Filing a Claim & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

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Do You Know How to File a Car Insurance Claim?

Your auto insurance protects you, be know that you know how to implement your coverage! Car accidents happen to the best of us. While some misfortunes can’t be avoided, encompassing and reliable protection in car insurance can be maintained. Luckily, insurance can ensure a smooth and stress-free post-accident procedure so that your vehicle, injuries, and finances are protected. If you’re in a car accident, you should know how to properly file a claim with your auto insurance company. Before panicking, read on for an explanation on how to file a […]

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Is Your Content Coverage Sufficient?

Your homeowners insurance can cover your valuable home belongings in Pasadena, CA. While you may have homeowners insurance already in place, you may need to re-evaluate the the coverage so that your possessions and valuables are protected. If you have purchased or inherited valuables over the years, or even if you have not completed a recent inventory and assess the replacement value of your daily use terms, it is time for a review. Determining When Enough is Enough Property owners should ask themselves if their current coverage is adequate. Make […]
Halloween Safety Tips

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Keep Halloween Horrors Away

Parents, ensure the safety of your children this Halloween night. Children love Halloween night. After all, they get to dress up in full costume, enjoy a night with their friends, and receiving buckets of free candy, so who can blame them? Unfortunately, the excited spirits can turn mischievous manners into mayhem during the night of Halloween. This year, avoid a real-life nightmare with these safety steps while trick-or-treating: Let no costume material drag on the floor as it may cause trips or falls. Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags […]
Collision vs. Comprehensive: Car Insurance Pasadena CA

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Comprehensive or Collision Coverage?

Comprehensive and collision coverage often get confused in an auto insurance policy. For many car owners, an automobile is an investment in freedom and mobility. Getting sufficient car insurance is sure-fire way to protect your car, your mobility, and your financial security. Collision and comprehensive coverage can protect your car against damage and loss, so it is important not to confuse the types of coverage for automobiles. Collision coverage addresses loss to your vehicle incurred in an accident where your car hits another car or an object like a guardrail, […]
Employee Benefits & Business Insurance Pasadena CA

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Essential Employee Benefits

For all U.S. businesses, there are essential employee benefits that must be offered. If your company approaches employee benefits as purely optional additions to a salary package, the harsh reality is that several employee benefits are mandatory in the United States. Both legally required and optional benefits have legal and tax implications for the employers offering them, so be sure that you understand the full effects of your benefit choices before establishing them. Social Security Taxes As an employer of full-time employees, you are required to collect social security taxes […]
Teen Safety & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

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Parents, Are You About To Insure Your Teen Driver?

Adding your teen to your auto insurance policy is a necessary step. Passing the wheel to your teenage driver is a monumental moment for yourself and your child. Doing this stimulates the addition of your child to the family car, or their own car’s, auto insurance policy. Here’s what you need to know about the process: When: Most insurance companies must be informed when your teen is driving your car with a permit. Once they pass their test and have a license in hand, then you must add them to […]

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What Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Missing?

Before the event of an incident, know your coverage and protection in your homeowners insurance policy. In the event of damage or loss, many people are surprised to find that certain items are excluded from coverage when filing a claim with their insurance. Ask your insurance agent if these (if any) are included in your homeowners insurance policy, and acquire the coverage if they are not. Business Activities: Typically, home insurance covers only minor losses such as damage or theft of home office equipment. Purchasing separate business insurance is the best […]
Employers & Workers Compensation Insurance

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Employers: Be Informed About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Helpful facts employers should know about their workers’ compensation insurance.   You likely already know that workers’ compensation insurance is required for employers in California. Do you know much more than that, though? Since you have to carry this type of coverage, we believe you deserve to know a bit about it. Here are some interesting facts about workers’ compensation insurance that all employers should know. Everybody needs it. All too often, people think the workers’ compensation requirements are only applicable to big business. Actually, though, if you have even one […]