Business Owners Policy in Pasadena, CA

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Are Outside Hazards Included in my Business Owners Policy in Pasadena, CA?

Outdoor hazards pose a very real threat to your business—you should know if your current business owners policy in Pasadena, CA protects against them. The protection of everything inside your business is probably a main priority when you’re purchasing a business policy. But have you considered the many ways that the great outdoors present a threat to you and your business? If your expensive landscape gets destroyed in a storm, or a customer falls in your parking lot, are you covered? Learn about the different ways that outdoor hazards may post […]
Flu Symptoms

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Beat Sickness by Recognizing These Flu Symptoms

Stop the flu before it gets too serious by recognizing these symptoms. We certainly all agree that the flu is a hassle, but for some people it can become much more than that. The influenza virus – or flu – can aggravate preexisting health conditions and cause serious health issues like pneumonia and bronchitis. Fortunately, recognizing the flu early can help you get the treatment you need to nip your sickness in the bud this flu season. How do you know if you’re coming down with the influenza virus? Here […]
Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance in Pasadena, CA

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Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance in Pasadena, CA: What’s the difference?

Home warranty and home insurance in Pasadena, CA sounds very similar, so what’s the difference? Both home warranties and home insurance great protections to have, and both protect your home, they are compliments of each other that offer different types of protection. Learn what each kind of protection covers should you purchase one or the other, or both! Home Warranty This is a service contract that provides repair/replacement of system components and appliances that fail due to their own fault (e.g., age, wear and tear). If one of your HVAC systems […]
Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Pasadena, CA?

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At What Point Should Your Business Consider Commercial Auto Insurance in Pasadena, CA?

If you haven’t thought about commercial auto insurance in Pasadena, CA for your business, now is the time! When you own a business, you have a lot to consider. Between keeping up on inventory, making sure services are fulfilled, managing your staff, and your other to-dos, it’s not easy to consider things that fall outside your day-to-day operations. Construct some time to think about your commercial auto insurance in Pasadena, CA, though, or your business could face serious expenses. You might think that if you don’t have a company fleet of vehicles, […]
Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA for People Under 25

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How can People Under 25 get Affordable car Insurance in Pasadena, CA?

Even if you haven’t turned 25, you deserve competitively priced car insurance in Pasadena, CA! Being young has a lot of perks! You have plenty of energy, your joints don’t hurt, and best of all, you’ve got your whole future ahead of you. There are some downsides, though. Specifically, if you’re under 25 you’re about to overpay for car insurance. Are there reasons why? Actually, agents just know how to look at statistics. Drivers under 25 are riskier on the road, and, consequently, riskier to insure. This risk gets passed along to you in […]
Homeowners Insurance Pasadena CA

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Pasadena, CA Homeowners Insurance Exclusions You Need To Know

Know how to make up for these common Pasadena, CA homeowners insurance exclusions. Your home is most likely your biggest investment, which is why you protect it with a Pasadena, CA homeowners insurance policy. While your home insurance will provide coverage for many incidents, it will not provide protection for every disaster that you encounter. Consider these common Pasadena, CA homeowners insurance exclusions to ensure you are not left paying for damages on your own. Water damage Water damage can be caused by a backed up sewer system or an […]
Travel Apps

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Essential Apps For Any Traveler

These smartphone apps can help you make the most of your next trip. Traveling around the world is the best way to experience new cultures and meet new people. While all-inclusive vacations allow you to enjoy different planned activities, heading out on a vacation by yourself is the best way to really experience a new place. If you are thinking of heading off on an adventure by yourself this year, consider downloading these best travel apps to make the most of your vacation. Hopper can help you save big on […]
Floods & Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA

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Are You Prepared for Flooded Roads? Get Yourself & Your Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA Ready!

Check your car insurance in Pasadena, CA coverage before El Nino floods hit. El Nino has hit Southern California, bringing cold temperatures and wet weather. While you may be digging through your closet to find your rain boots, you should also take the time to prepare for the storm system while you are on the road. Use this safe driving guide and your car insurance in Pasadena, CA to ensure you are ready for any floods that may hit. During heavy rains, flooded roads are very common. Even if floods […]
Saving on Commercial Auto Insurance in Pasadena, CA

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Are You Paying Too Much For Commercial Auto Insurance in Pasadena, CA?

These tips will help you save money on your commercial auto insurance in Pasadena, CA. As a California business owner, chances are your company is a huge part of your life. With all that you have invested into your company, you want to make sure it is protected. If you have any company cars, this includes making sure you have the right commercial auto insurance in Pasadena, CA. While there is no way to completely avoid the cost of your commercial auto insurance policy, there are ways that you can […]

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Get Ready For El Ninõ With These Tips

Following these tips will help your home and car stay safe during El Ninõ. With the recent heavy rains and dangerous flooding, there is no way to deny that El Ninõ is here. Even if you have started taking the necessary steps to get ready for the upcoming storms, there is always more you can do. Use these El Ninõ tips and tricks to ensure you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Clearing your rain gutters and ensuring all weather stripping around your doors and windows is tight will help […]