Baby Boomers & Home Insurance Pasadena CA

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Baby Boomers Home Upgrades Need Updated Insurance

Home upgrades bring the necessity to update Pasadena, CA home insurance. The baby boomers are experiencing physical changes and hindrances associated with aging, such as loss of balance and aching joints. Some of these changes may require modification to the home like filling in a sunken living room to eliminate the steps down, adding a special shower door, or even adding a residential elevator. These changes may, or may not, alter the valuable of the home itself. Renovation Impact As home insurance should cover the total cost of rebuilding the […]
Inventory Checklist & Homeowners Insurance Pasadena CA

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Your Easy Homeowners Insurance Inventory Checklist

Get More From Your Pasadena, CA Homeowners Insurance With This Inventory Checklist You have homeowners insurance to ensure that if a fire levels your home, you cannot only rebuild but also replace all of the personal property that you had stored in your home. Suppose you have to call on your coverage and sit down to fill out the paperwork. Would you be able to list every single item you had in your home, let alone its value? Fortunately, by creating a home inventory in advance remembering every item you need replaced […]
Home Renovations and ROI

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Boosting Home Value: Home Renovations and ROI

Maximizing Your Investment With The Right Home Upgrades Builders, landscapers, architects, and designers are all enthused to announce that home renovations are finally back on the rise! The majority of Americans put renovation dreams on the backburner during times of economic hardship, but with the economy steadily improving, there is no better time to start fulfilling your home upgrade requests. As a homeowner, it is important that you do not make the mistake of just opting for whatever home upgrade you have wanted longest. Rather, you should consider conducting renovations […]
Home Buying Insurance Checklist Pasadena

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Home Buying Insurance Checklist

House Hunting Insurance Considerations As a house hunter, it is important that you consider factors beyond just the cost of the house. One important consideration that comes hand in hand with home buying is insurance. We want to help you get the best bang for your buck so that you can move into the home of your dreams worry-free, which is why we have compiled a home buying insurance checklist for your convenience: Do some local research! Check out the quality and location of the closest fire department since homes […]
Tips for Moving on a Budget

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Helpful Tips For Moving On A Budget

Moving Without Breaking The Bank Whether you are buying a home or selling your home, moving is a notoriously daunting part of both of these processes. While you may be inclined to view moving as an expensive experience where there is no financial relief, it is important to realize that there are ways to save money. Keep these helpful tips for moving on a budget in mind so that you can move without breaking the bank: Moving provides you with the perfect opportunity to downsize your possessions. Rather than shoving […]

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Insurance Coverage For Your New Furry Family Member

Homeowners Insurance And Pet Coverage As you prepare to welcome a furry member into your household, it is important that you consider the insurance implications of this new family member. When it comes to homeowners insurance and pet coverage, you receive a very limited amount of insurance coverage. It is extremely important that you contact your insurance provider to determine what will be covered and what will be excluded of coverage. However, a safe rule of thumb goes to follow: Typically, you will not receive personal property coverage for damage […]

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Safeguarding Your Home From Burglars

Helpful Tips For Preventing Break-Ins No matter how safe of a neighborhood you live in, you must be diligent in safeguarding your home from the hands of criminals. Spring and summer are just around the corner, meaning burglary numbers are soon going to skyrocket. To ensure that you do not become a statistic, consider these helpful tips for preventing break-ins: When going on vacation for spring break or a summer getaway, it is important that you refrain from announcing your home’s vacancy online. While telling your friends and family about […]

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Finding The Right Home Insurance Policy

Types of Home Insurance When looking for the right homeowners insurance policy to properly protect your home, especially if it is your first time, you may be surprised to find that there are many different types of home insurance policies. Knowing the differences between the policies can help to ensure that you invest in the right policy for your needs. Keep these home insurance basics in mind to ensure that you choose the right policy for your home. HO-1 and HO-2 home insurance policies will provide coverage for the damages that […]

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Are You Prepared For The Next Quake?

Earthquake Insurance Basics Living in California means that you get to enjoy beautiful weather all year long. However, it also comes with the danger of experiencing an earthquake. Knowing how to protect yourself and your home in case of an earthquake can ensure that you are not left financially devastated after a quake. While your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide protection from many unfortunate situations, it will not provide any coverage in an earthquake. The only way to ensure that you and your home are covered in case of an […]

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How To Protect All Of Your Jewelry

Insurance Protection for Your Jewelry A shiny piece of jewelry can complete any outfit. It can also be an expensive problem if the piece is damaged or lost. While your renters or homeowners insurance policy will provide some coverage for any jewelry that is lost or damaged, it may not provide enough, especially if you have any expensive pieces. Luckily, there are other insurance options that are available to provide protection for all of your jewelry. Homeowners and renters insurance policies will provide some coverage for your personal belongings, but […]