11 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

Don’t Hit The Highway Without RV Insurance

Summer is here, and you finally have time to pack up the RV, and hit the road with your children. Driving an RV can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than driving a car. You face the same risks, but are driving a much bigger, and much more expensive vehicle. Make sure you don’t forget to purchase an RV insurance policy before taking your summer road trips. Here are some tips for making sure you have smooth ride: Inspect the area under the hood. If your RV hasn’t […]

7 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

Business Insurance 101

Before you set out on your venture to achieve the American dream, you need to purchase an insurance policy for your small business. You are required by law to purchase business insurance and workers compensation. However there a few other policies that may be of interest to you that you are not familiar with: Business Auto Coverage- If your business utilizes vehicles, those vehicles won’t be covered under your personal policy. Cyber liability insurance- Your business’ data can easily be destroyed or compromised by hackers. By purchasing a cyber liability […]

2 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

All About Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner, your home is most likely your biggest asset. Why not do all you can to ensure it is properly protected against the risks it faces on a daily basis? If you are unfamiliar with a homeowners insurance policy, here is some basic information to keep in mind when you talk to your agent about purchasing a policy: Homeowners insurance covers damage to your property and belongings in the case of a disaster such as a fire, or theft. Additionally, it will cover you from being liable if […]

30 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

Be Safe on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is time for celebrating our country’s independence. Family and friends will gather for cookouts and to enjoy fireworks. There are some steps you can take to keep your celebration safe. Let’s take a look at a few. If you are traveling: Use your seat belts and insist your passengers do the same. Make sure your car is road ready. Check the tires, tire pressure, fluids, wipers and make sure all your lights are functioning properly. Don’t drink and drive. Drive defensively, knowing the roads will be […]

23 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

Home Renovations Worth Your While

There are those that will say remodeling a home only costs money and there is nothing to be gained for it other than your own satisfaction of improvement. However, there are certain home renovations that really do pay off in the end. These are worth your time and effort. Take these two rooms, instance. Bathroom Improvements It may cost a lot of money to renovate a bathroom, but if you spend around $10,000 on an upgrade to this room you can add at least an extra $10,200 to the sales […]

18 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

How To Prevent Breakdowns With Timely Summer Car Maintenance

With temperatures rising across California as summer rolls in, the stress on your car goes up with the heat. Take the time now to service your car to avoid issues farther down the road. Change The Coolant Like all fluids in the engine, coolant breaks down over time. Get your reservoir flushed and refilled with few pints of fresh liquid to prevent overheating during a heat wave. New Filters In the summer, the air filter is likely to clog with dust and pollen. It’s also needed for cooling the engine […]

13 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

Protecting Your Financial Services

As a business, it’s important to have all the right pieces in place. This could mean a variety of things. You want to make sure your business is in the right position to properly manage your services while providing the best for your clients. When you have a specialized niche business, having the right business insurance is a must. Accounting firms must take the time to understand how they can be impacted if they don’t have these protocols in place. The associates at Massive Insurance can help. You’ll get industry […]

9 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

Have Peace of Mind with Health Insurance

Summertime is here and many folks cannot wait for that vacation to start. Not only are kids out of school for a few months, but parents also like to take time off work to go on a family vacation.    It’s an excellent time for vacationing and fun, but it is also important to be mindful of health coverage while away. Accidents and illnesses happen without warning and happen anywhere. But, with travel health insurance coverage, there is no need to worry about treatment options while away from home. Travel […]

4 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

Events for June in Pasadena, CA

Summer is finally here! Time to get out the sun tan lotion and find something fun to do with the family. There’s plenty to see and do right here in Pasadena, California. Whether you like the sound of loud music, or the quiet bond you feel with a brush and paint, there is an event for you! 2014 Monster Drawing Rally Crack open the Crayons, the Monster Drawing Rally is back! A fundraising event where 100 artists draw pictures all at the same time in shifts. This epic artist’s event is a […]

30 May 2014 Category: Article Archives

New Auto Technologies That Help Reduce Your Insurance Rates

More and more vehicles are coming out with new technologies that could help prevent accidents and save lives.  Due to the effectiveness of these technologies, fewer accidents are being reported and are therefore resulting in lower insurance rates. What is a crash avoidance technology?                                                     Crash avoidance features are designed to assist the driver in operating a vehicle safely using warnings and automatic braking when they sense the potential for a collision. Crash avoidance technologies currently available. Front crash prevention system – uses sensors, cameras, radar or light detection systems to […]