Understanding Pros And Cons Of Collision Coverage

8 July 2021 Category: Auto Insurance

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Collision Coverage

Getting a new car is a big investment. One of the ways to protect that investment is with car insurance. One type of coverage that you can choose is what is known as collision insurance. Although it is not required except on certain occasions, collision insurance has its benefits. Here is a closer look at collision insurance to help you make an informed decision on whether to include it in your coverage. Collision Insurance  This type of insurance covers your vehicle in the event of damages due to an accident […]
Auto Insurance Coverage

18 February 2021 Category: Auto Insurance

Understanding Your Auto Coverage Needs

It’s no news that your auto insurance coverage is essential. Coverages like comprehensive, collision, bodily injury, and property liability can help cover the cost of expensive claims in the event of an accident. However, every driver has their own coverage needs. So, it may be difficult to answer the question of how much auto insurance coverage you need. For the exact amount of auto insurance coverage required, you need to perform a degree of research. The amount of deductibles you can afford will significantly impact your insurance costs. In this […]
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6 August 2020 Category: Auto Insurance

Someone Hit My Parked Car – What Should I Do Next?

Many of us have been in a situation where we’ve returned to our vehicles to find that someone has hit it and then driven off. It can often induce panic, but there is a way to handle this situation correctly. These types of accidents are more common than you think, and they aren’t too complicated to deal with. Here is how to handle parked car accidents. What to Do When Your Parked Car Gets Hit Collect information – If you see the accident take place, you can calmly ask the […]
Improve the Sound in Your Car Without Breaking the Bank

21 March 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Improve the Sound in Your Car Without Breaking the Bank

Quality sound with the touch of a button. Whether you’re on a road trip or just on your daily commute, listening to music or a podcast or an audio book, can definitely make the ride more pleasurable. Thanks to technology, you can create quality sound without having to break the bank! Here are some nifty tips on how you can achieve the sound you’ve always wanted. Dampen Your Doors You’ve heard it before: when the bass drops, your doors decide to get in the dancing and begin vibrating like nobody’s […]
Here are only 3 inventions that made the modern car.

14 March 2016 Category: Uncategorized

3 Inventions That Contributed to the Modern Car

Inventions that made the modern car we know and love. Cars are fascinating pieces of technology that many Americans take for granted. Apart from getting us to where we want, they also, let us see in bad weather, save us in crashes, and warm our hineys. How did the modern car come to be, and what inventions were implemented to be used in the cars we all know and love today? Here are only 3 inventions that made the modern car. Gasoline Oil refineries have been making gas since the […]
Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA for People Under 25

5 February 2016 Category: Uncategorized

How can People Under 25 get Affordable car Insurance in Pasadena, CA?

Even if you haven’t turned 25, you deserve competitively priced car insurance in Pasadena, CA! Being young has a lot of perks! You have plenty of energy, your joints don’t hurt, and best of all, you’ve got your whole future ahead of you. There are some downsides, though. Specifically, if you’re under 25 you’re about to overpay for car insurance. Are there reasons why? Actually, agents just know how to look at statistics. Drivers under 25 are riskier on the road, and, consequently, riskier to insure. This risk gets passed along to you in […]
Floods & Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA

22 January 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Are You Prepared for Flooded Roads? Get Yourself & Your Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA Ready!

Check your car insurance in Pasadena, CA coverage before El Nino floods hit. El Nino has hit Southern California, bringing cold temperatures and wet weather. While you may be digging through your closet to find your rain boots, you should also take the time to prepare for the storm system while you are on the road. Use this safe driving guide and your car insurance in Pasadena, CA to ensure you are ready for any floods that may hit. During heavy rains, flooded roads are very common. Even if floods […]
Filing a Claim & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

9 November 2015 Category: Uncategorized

Do You Know How to File a Car Insurance Claim?

Your auto insurance protects you, be know that you know how to implement your coverage! Car accidents happen to the best of us. While some misfortunes can’t be avoided, encompassing and reliable protection in car insurance can be maintained. Luckily, insurance can ensure a smooth and stress-free post-accident procedure so that your vehicle, injuries, and finances are protected. If you’re in a car accident, you should know how to properly file a claim with your auto insurance company. Before panicking, read on for an explanation on how to file a […]
Defensive Driving & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

14 September 2015 Category: Uncategorized

How Defensive Driving Affects Your Safety & Car Insurance

What drivers need to know about defensive driving and their Pasadena, CA car insurance. Driving is probably a normal part of your life at this point. You probably don’t put much thought into the fact that you’re going to get into a giant metal box and hurl yourself at high speeds down an asphalt road, surrounded in close proximity by other people who are doing the same. The problem, though, is that if you don’t stay cautious out on the road, you expose yourself to the danger other drivers pose. […]
Teens & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

5 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

Teaching Your Teens To Be The Best Passenger

Minimizing Distracted Driving Among Teens A number of states have placed restrictions on how many passengers a teen can carry when he or she first becomes a licensed driver, and the age those passengers need to be. For good reason, too. For every passenger that is added to the car, a distraction is also added. While you know that your teen is able to focus on the road, you may worry when he or she is catching a ride with friends. To help your teen be the best, least distracting […]