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22 April 2015 Category: Article Archives

Commercial Auto Insurance Premium Factors

Safeguarding Your Fleet Of Commercial Vehicles Legally required, your commercial vehicles must be equipped with the proper insurance protection in order to operate business. While you may assume that you are protected under your personal auto insurance policy since you only have a few commercial vehicles, this is simply not the case. You will need to purchase an exclusive auto insurance policy that extends coverage to all of your vehicles and team members operating those cars or trucks. We have gathered a list of the top commercial auto insurance premium […]

15 December 2014 Category: Article Archives

Take The Proper Security Precautions To Protect Your Small Business

Protect Your Small Business From Hackers Small businesses often believe that they can fly under the radar and avoid data breaches, simply because they are small. However, it is actually smaller businesses that are targeted more frequently by hackers. Here is some information about why small businesses are more at risk and how you can protect your small business from data breaches. Small Business Risks: Small businesses are more at risk for data breaches because they tend to have less security. Large corporations have the money to spend on expensive […]

10 March 2014 Category: Article Archives

Create a disaster plan for your business

There are circumstances beyond our control that can affect our company‘s operations and how we do business. Disasters of all sizes are responsible for preventing businesses from opening, servicing customers and receiving materials from suppliers. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, disasters are responsible for an estimated 25 percent of businesses not being able to ever reopen again. Major disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods are rare, but can be responsible for a halt in business operations. Smaller, more common disasters include power outages and computer crashes. […]

19 February 2014 Category: Article Archives

Is Insuring Company Directors and Officers a Good Idea?

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (commonly known as D&O insurance) can save a company from financial ruin in the event of a lawsuit and/or other forms of legal action. D&O insurance covers various costs involved when a case is brought against the directors and officers of a company; these expenses include, but are not limited to, lawyer fees and monetary settlements. Companies that take out this form of insurance realize that its directors and officers are not perfect. It is all too common for a well meaning individual in a […]