Spring Driving Tips You Should Know

5 April 2018 Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

Spring Driving Tips You Should Know

Safety Tips for Spring Driving 

Most drivers are familiar with the hazards of winter driving. But what about spring? Just because winter is ending doesn’t mean you can let your guard or maintenance routine down. Each season provides its own unique blend of challenges and considerations. While auto insurance in Glendale, CA will help you if you are involved in a disaster or accident, keep danger at bay with these spring driving tips.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Spring doesn’t require as much special maintenance or preparedness as winter, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Check and just your tire pressure, change your wiper blades, and remove the extra weight of your winter emergency kit. Take time to clean the pollen off your windshield as it greatly reduces visibility given the right lighting.

Beware of Wet Roads

Spring showers are likely to be present, so it’s worth noting that wet roads can be slick ones. When it first rains, oils and other fluids pool on the road surface, making it slippery. What’s more, wet roads increase stopping distance, so it’s important to brake soon and leave plenty of room in front of the vehicle in front of you.

Maneuver Around Potholes

While summer is generally roadwork season when a lot of the maintenance and repair on our roadways take place, winter is often the season that makes all of that roadwork necessary. Rain, frost, salt, and harsh conditions can make for some rough roadways in the spring, and this includes potholes. Avoid potholes to limit damage to your vehicle.

Care for Active Animals

Animals come out of hibernation during spring, meaning that they will go in search of food and roam. You’ll likely see more of them crossing roadways, so be on the lookout and watch the side of the roads carefully. Slow down at night and in areas where animal activity is high.

Watch for Motorcycles and Bicycles

As the weather gets warmer, it’s likely that motorcyclists and bicyclists will take to the roads, adding an additional hazard for you to watch out for if you’re driving a car. Give these cyclists plenty of room when you do encounter them on the roads.

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