Small Business Owners Should Know These Insurance Types

25 April 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Small Business Owners Should Know These Insurance Types

Do you have the proper coverage that your business needs?

When you own a business, you have quite a lot to protect, and the right small business insurance coverage can be important for the continued success of your business. Even before you cut the ribbon to open the doors to your business, there are many risks which pose a threat and can potentially force you to shut the doors for good. Luckily, there are some coverage options when it comes to protecting your business. Here are three must-have insurance policies a small business owner must have to ensure the business’ success.

Liability Insurance Coverage

  • General liability coverage: protects you in case you are sued because of an accident, injury, or claims of negligence.
  • Professional liability coverage: this protects against errors and negligence.
  • Product Liability coverage: If your company manufactures or sells a product, this type of coverage will protect you in case your products are defective or cause injury.

Property Insurance Coverage

The most obvious reason to purchase property insurance is to protect your property and everything that lies within it—from your merchandise to the equipment you use to make your small business shine. If a fire were to ravage your business, you likely don’t have enough saved in the bank to rebuild and replace everything that you’ve lost. This kind of insurance makes sure you’re covered for everything that your business requires.

You protect the things that are valuable to you, so it would make sense to protect your small business that took blood, sweat, and tears to put up. When looking for the right business owners insurance policy in Pasadena, CA that will meet the needs of your unique business, contact the independent insurance professionals at Massive Insurance.