Simple Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

5 October 2022 Category: Article Archives

Simple Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for kids, as they play trick-or-treats, wear different costumes, enjoy candies, etc. However, on the other hand, parents would be concerned about their safety while playing trick-or-treats. If you are one among them, use the following tips to deal with your concerns while keeping your kids safe this Halloween.

  1. Encourage a Safe Road-Crossing

    The possibilities of kids getting hit by cars on Halloween are more compared to other days, so ask your kid to safely cross the street, looking both ways and using crosswalks.

  2. Choose the Place Ahead

    Choosing the particular street or community beforehand where your kids will be playing trick-or-treat will help you determine the best way to reach the place while ensuring no one gets lost or left behind on Halloween night.

  3. Give Them a Well-Fitted Costume

    When choosing Halloween costumes for your kids, ensure they are not too long, fit well, and let them walk around with ease. Costumes with long ropes/capes may twist around their legs, causing difficulty walking or making them slip.

  4. Ask Them Not to Run

    Sometimes, kids get excited to play trick-or-treat and collect candies, so they run from door to door rather than walking. However, don’t encourage running, as this will make them fall or run into other kids while in the dark.

  5. Group Your Kids

    Creating a trick-or-treat group with 3-4 children, including your kid, helps ensure everyone will be safe and have fun together. You can also monitor your kids from the sidewalks while they walk into every door and play trick-or-treats. This will ensure their safety while having fun.

  6. Avoid Masks

    A loose or poorly-designed mask can make it difficult for the child to breathe, hear, or see around, so avoid masks if possible. If you want your child to wear a mask for their safety, ensure it is small and comfortable.

  7. Check the Candy

    Besides neighbors, your kids may collect candies from strangers as well on Halloween, so before having your kids eat them, ensure they don’t seem spoiled or contain food allergens and are properly closed.

  8. Get Ready to Pass Out Candies

    Sometimes, your kids may prefer to dress up and stay home to pass out candies to whoever knocks on the door. If your child prefers this, stay home with them to receive other kids and give them candies or enjoy their tricks.

  9. Have Your Kid Trail the Costume

    Halloween costumes are different from what they usually wear, so allow your kids to trail them to see whether they are comfortable in that costume and can easily move around. Otherwise, you can customize the costume or change it altogether.

  10. Consider the Costume’s Color

    If your child’s costume is dark, ensure to incorporate light–colored patches/short ropes or reflective tapes. This will help others to see your kids while in the dark, so they won’t be left behind.

With these tips, you can help your kids have a memorable yet extra-safe Halloween this year.

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