Waivers of deductible in home insurance

8 May 2024 Category: Homeowner Insurance

Save Money on Big Claims: Understanding Waivers of Deductible in Homeowners Insurance

Homeownership brings immense joy, but it also comes with responsibilities. One crucial responsibility is safeguarding your property with homeowners insurance. A key element of any homeowners policy is the deductible – the initial amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. While deductibles help keep premiums lower, facing a large deductible during a major claim can be a financial burden.

What Is a Waiver of Deductible?

A waiver of deductible is a clause in your homeowners insurance policy that waives your deductible under specific circumstances. This essentially means that your insurance company would cover the entire cost of the claim, up to your policy limits, without you having to pay the initial deductible amount.

Different Types of Waivers of Deductible

There are two main types of waivers of deductible commonly found in homeowners insurance policies:

  • Large Loss Deductible Waiver: This waiver applies when the total cost of a covered claim exceeds a certain predetermined amount, often a percentage of your dwelling coverage. For example, if your policy has a dwelling coverage of $200,000 and a large loss deductible waiver of 1%, the waiver would kick in for claims exceeding $2,000.
  • Named Peril Deductible Waiver: This waiver applies to specific perils listed in your policy, such as fire, lightning, or hail. In such cases, the deductible might be waived entirely, regardless of the claim amount.

Benefits of Waivers of Deductible

Waivers of deductible can offer significant financial advantages, particularly in the following scenarios:

  • Major Damage: If your home suffers extensive damage due to a covered peril, the waiver can save you a substantial amount of money, preventing a large out-of-pocket expense.
  • Unexpected Costs: Even with careful planning, unexpected costs can arise during repairs or replacements after a major claim. Waivers of deductible can help ease the financial burden of these unforeseen expenses.
  • Financial Relief: Knowing you won’t face a hefty deductible during a stressful time like a major loss can offer valuable financial relief.

Considering Waivers of Deductible

While waivers of deductible offer clear benefits, there are some factors to consider. They are:

  • Cost: Adding a waiver of deductible to your policy might increase your premium. Weigh the potential cost savings against the increased premium to determine if it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Claim Frequency: If you have a history of frequent claims, adding a waiver might not be as beneficial.
  • Your Financial Situation: If you have a significant emergency fund and can comfortably afford a deductible during a claim, a waiver might not be essential.

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