Umbrella Insurance in Pasadena, CA

30 May 2016 Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

Why You Should Purchase Umbrella Insurance

The extra protection of umbrella insurance may come in handy when you least expect it.

While it’s easy to think that only rich people will need the extra coverage umbrella insurance offers, you’d be surprised how many times it’s come in handy for everyday people. A very common example of people needing umbrella insurance is for their auto insurance policy. Should you be involved in a news-worthy car collision and it’s your fault, the lawsuit you get slapped with can easily exceed your car insurance policy. You’ll be left in some deep water unless you have additional protection.

Umbrella insurance also offers coverage for things that aren’t covered by your home or auto insurance. If you have things called “attractive nuisances,” your home insurance will likely not cover these if accidents arise. Attractive nuisances are things like trampolines, pools, and other things that are fun but pose a threat to human life. Even if you travel out of the country, your umbrella insurance policy will cover you should you be involved in some car accident or some other incident that lies outside of your policy.

You may think that $1 million is overkill and you don’t need that much coverage. Well, if your annoying neighbor comes to your house and slips on your kitchen floor and succumbs to injury, he may not hesitate one second to sue you for more than you have in your bank and current home insurance policy.

The average cost for a $1 million policy is only $200 a year—which you may find incredibly low seeing as you get a 5,000 percent increase in your investment!

Umbrella insurance may be exactly what you need to protect you from the unseen dangers of the world that are invisible to your insurance policy. When it comes to finding the right umbrella insurance policy for you, contact the insurance professionals at Massive Insurance to get an instant quote now!