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Finding The Right Classic Car Insurance

Germany full-size luxury SUVHow To Insure Your Classic Car

Classic cars are much more than just another vehicle on the road, they are a piece of history. Since classic cars are different from most of the cars that are on the road today, they require slightly altered insurance. Knowing how to properly insure your classic car will help to make sure that it is protected and can continue looking its best for years to come.

When looking for the right classic car insurance policy for your collectible car, consider these features:

  • Agreed value – since the value of your classic car can be hard to determine, you will work with your insurance agent to decide on one. Your insurance provider will pay you the agreed value if your car is a complete loss after an accident. Make sure to avoid insuring your classic car for the “stated value” or “actual cash value.”
  • Lower rates – chances are, you do not use your classic car as your daily drive. Since you are not driving your classic car full time, you are considered less of a risk. The less you drive your classic car, the lower rates you can enjoy.
  • Coverage options – there are many different coverage options available with classic car insurance. Talk with your insurance agent to make sure that you choose the right options that will work best for you and your antique car.
  • Mileage caps – some insurance companies have a limit on the amount of miles that you can drive each year, typically around 5,000 miles. Keep in mind that the less you drive your classic car, the better it will maintain its value.

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