Crime Prevention Tips

27 April 2022 Category: Business Insurance

Key Crime Prevention Tips to Help Protect Your Business

Starting a business is a significant investment. There are multiple rights and responsibilities that you have to navigate. One minor accident could damage everything you’ve worked for. Here’s a look at some crime prevention tips to help protect your business.

    • Develop a Buddy System

      If your business is in close proximity to others, it’s recommended that you partner together and create a buddy system. You can also work with local law enforcement agencies to develop a strategy for preventing crime. Consider holding a few meetings to address any concerns or new strategies.

    • Perform Regular Maintenance

      Businesses that don’t perform regular maintenance on the exterior of their property are targets for criminals. Performing regular landscaping keeps your property in good condition and deters criminals.

    • Cyber Safety Practice

      One of the most important business prevention tips in today’s landscape is maintaining good safety. Using relatively complex passwords makes it difficult for criminals to hack into your system. It’s also recommended that you install firewalls, store backup data in a safe place, and monitor your employee’s access to online records.

    • Secure Entry Points

      It’s recommended that you look at the locks and deadbolts on your security doors to ensure that they are in good condition. Try to remove the serial numbers to prevent fraudulent keys from being made. Try to repair any damage to your windows as soon as possible. Analysts recommend installing metal grates or burglar-proof glass on the windows. It’s also important to add lighting around the building. That will make it easier for you to stop a potential break-in.

    • Add Security Cameras

      Adding multiple security cameras around the property could help prevent a potential break-in. If you are a victim of theft, having security footage of the incident helps assist law enforcement and makes the claims process run smoothly with your insurer.

    • Receive Help from Your Team

      Your employees give you extra sets of eyes and ears to help prevent crime from occurring. It’s recommended that you inform them about the alarms and other security measures during training. Teach them about possible red flags and how to notify security. Many analysts recommend adding a tip line to report suspicious activity.

    • Crime Insurance

      Purchasing crime insurance is one of the key business prevention tips. Crime insurance protects your business if your equipment is stolen or a computer system is hacked. The policy also protects your business in forgery, transfer fraud, and counterfeiting situations.

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These business prevention tips should help things continue to run smoothly. Monitor the industry as new threats arise. If you have any questions about your insurance, contact our experts here at Massive Insurance & Financial Services. We are always ready to assist you.