16 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs, Oh My! Make Sure You’re Insured!

Whether you enjoy spending your summer days on the back of a motorcycle, or behind the steering wheel of a boat, you need insurance! These summer toys are your babies, and you worked hard to earn them! Make sure you are protected against the financial loss that comes with an accident. Here is some information regarding different forms of insurance you can purchase to protect your toys:

  • Motorcycle insurance policies are necessary for riders because they will not be covered on your homeowners policy.
  • ATV insurance policies are important for drivers because your homeowners insurance policy will not cover liability or damage to another person’s ATV.
  • Pool owners should purchase an umbrella policy to make sure they are covered in the case that a child gets hurt while playing in or around the pool.
  • Boats can be quite pricey, so insurance for your watercraft is a must. This type of policy will cover liability as well as property damage to your or another person’s boat.

If you are an owner of any sort of summer toy, and would like to purchase an insurance policy, go ahead and contact Massive Insurance, located in California, today!