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Insurance Coverage For Your New Furry Family Member

homeowners insurance and pet coverageHomeowners Insurance And Pet Coverage

As you prepare to welcome a furry member into your household, it is important that you consider the insurance implications of this new family member. When it comes to homeowners insurance and pet coverage, you receive a very limited amount of insurance coverage. It is extremely important that you contact your insurance provider to determine what will be covered and what will be excluded of coverage. However, a safe rule of thumb goes to follow:

  • Typically, you will not receive personal property coverage for damage your pup causes. This includes damage to the structure of your home, so you will be responsible for repairing the drywall Fluffy chewed through.
  • In contrast, you will receive dog liability coverage for others’ personal property. For example, if your pet causes damage to your neighbor’s home, your homeowners insurance will likely cover the damages. However, it is important that you confirm this coverage with your insurer before getting too comfortable.
  • All of this talk about pet liability has likely got you thinking – if a wild animal ravaged my garage, would I be covered? If a raccoon invades and damages your personal property, you will likely be on your own. However, if the raccoon gets into the foundation of your garage and ends up damaging the drywall, your homeowners insurance will likely kick in to help out. It is important to note that this coverage is very specific, so some instances may be covered while others may be excluded. For example, damage caused by insects and rodents is almost always excluded of coverage, despite how common it can be.

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