Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance in Pasadena, CA

15 February 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance in Pasadena, CA: What’s the difference?

Home warranty and home insurance in Pasadena, CA sounds very similar, so what’s the difference?

Both home warranties and home insurance great protections to have, and both protect your home, they are compliments of each other that offer different types of protection. Learn what each kind of protection covers should you purchase one or the other, or both!

Home Warranty

This is a service contract that provides repair/replacement of system components and appliances that fail due to their own fault (e.g., age, wear and tear). If one of your HVAC systems breaks down, a contractor will visit your home and determine if this is covered in your contract. If it is covered, the contractor will repair, or, if needed, replace the broken system all for the price of the service call—which compared to the alternative, is incredibly cheap. They usually cost somewhere around $75 a month, and can cover things like your pool for a little extra.

Home Insurance

Home insurance in Pasadena, CA policies cover any accidental damages to your home and belongings due to theft, vandalism, storms, fire, or some other natural disasters (if it’s included in your policy). Unlike a home warranty, home insurance is generally mandatory because banks will not give you the loan if you don’t have insurance. All policies offer a deductible, which is what you’ll pay until the amount of the damages exceeds that amount—that’s where they step in. Similarly, someone will visit your house and determine if it’s covered by your policy, and how much the damages are worth. Policies cost anywhere from $300 to over $1,000. Be sure to get the one that’s right for you!


Whether or not you have a home warranty, you want to make sure that you have the right amount of homeowners insurance coverage. Contact the insurance professionals at Massive Insurance in Pasadena, California for all of your home insurance needs.