Home Renovations and ROI

1 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

Boosting Home Value: Home Renovations and ROI

Maximizing Your Investment With The Right Home Upgrades

Builders, landscapers, architects, and designers are all enthused to announce that home renovations are finally back on the rise! The majority of Americans put renovation dreams on the backburner during times of economic hardship, but with the economy steadily improving, there is no better time to start fulfilling your home upgrade requests.

As a homeowner, it is important that you do not make the mistake of just opting for whatever home upgrade you have wanted longest. Rather, you should consider conducting renovations that yield the highest return on investment (ROI). When it comes to home renovations and ROI, you need to think of ways in which your projects can boost home value.

When conducting home renovations, we highly recommend considering one of these with the highest ROI:

  • Have you considered upgrading your first impression maker? Studies show that upgrading your front door to a steel entry door yields nearly a 100 percent return on investment. This is due to their durability and inexpensive cost.
  • Do you have a room in your house that is rarely put to good use? Reinventing a room is a great way to not only enhance functionality of a space, but boost your home’s value. You can turn your guest room into a home movie theater or your attic into a bedroom.
  • Kitchen remodels are one of the most profitable home upgrade projects. Invest your money in the heart of your home and you will immediately increase your property’s value.

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