How a Good Driver Discount Can Help Your Auto Insurance in Pasadena, CA

16 May 2016 Category: Uncategorized

How a Good Driver Discount Can Help Your Auto Insurance

Being a good driver can definitely have its perks: the Good Driver Discount will save you money on your auto insurance!

Maintaining a spotless driving record can lead to great savings on your auto insurance. It doesn’t just keep your premium low but, depending on your insurance company, it can also earn you additional discounts simply by following the rules of the road. If you can avoid collision or getting a ticket, you’ll find there’s more reward than boasting to your friends about having a squeaky clean driving record.

Good Driver Discounts.

Each auto insurance carrier has a different policy when it comes to their good drivers. For example, some companies offer a discount for each year you are able to avoid an at-fault collision or driving violation. Other companies measure driving discounts by your driving record and the number of years you’ve kept it clean. Most companies take a look at the past three years of safe driving and will determine your discount amount by this alone.

How to Qualify.

When determining if you qualify for a good driver discount, remember that each company has different guidelines about what a “good driver” actually means. You may qualify for discounts with one company, while, with another company, you could be considered a “bad driver.” Generally, however, it means that you avoid at-fault accidents and have a clean driving record that’s free of driving violations (such as: speeding, DUI/DWI, reckless driving, etc.).

Is Hope Lost If My Record Is Far From Perfect?

No! In this case, your greatest ally is time. Keep up the good driving, and after a period of time, you’ll qualify! You can also sign up for traffic school or a defensive driving course. Companies like to see that you are willing to make changes to your driving habits.

Being a good driver has its clear benefits. If you have any questions regarding auto insurancecontact Massive Insurance. Our team is dedicated to getting you the best coverage at the best price.