Floods & Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA

22 January 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Are You Prepared for Flooded Roads? Get Yourself & Your Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA Ready!

Check your car insurance in Pasadena, CA coverage before El Nino floods hit.

El Nino has hit Southern California, bringing cold temperatures and wet weather. While you may be digging through your closet to find your rain boots, you should also take the time to prepare for the storm system while you are on the road. Use this safe driving guide and your car insurance in Pasadena, CA to ensure you are ready for any floods that may hit.

During heavy rains, flooded roads are very common. Even if floods aren’t in the forecast, you should know what to do when the water starts rising. Follow these flood driving tips to help yourself stay safe this season.

  • Slow down – driving slowly can give you the extra time you need to react to any dangerous situations on the road.
  • Estimate the water depth – just 6 inches of water can be enough to cause serious damage to your vehicle and cause it to stall. A foot of water can cause your car to float down the road. If you think that the water on the road is more than 6 inches deep, turn around. Avoiding driving through deep water can help to keep you and your car safe.
  • Look for downed power lines – if you see any power lines that have been knocked down and are touching water, turn around. Water is a very good conductor of electricity and can lead to serious injuries.
  • Don’t stay in your car – if your car stalls, don’t wait inside your vehicle for help. Instead, get out of your car, head to higher ground, and call for help. Being inside your car if it starts to float away can lead to very dangerous situations.

Knowing that you are protected by the right auto insurance policy can help to give you the peace of mind you need through El Nino. To find the right car insurance in Pasadena, CA, contact the insurance professionals at Massive Insurance.