Fall Gardening Tips for Homeowners

21 September 2015 Category: Uncategorized

Fall Gardening Tips For Homeowners

Out with the old, in with the new: it’s time for fall gardening!

We know it’s hard to believe, but the summer’s already over. While you might be a little sad to say goodbye to the long, sunny days and warm evenings, spending a little time in your garden can soften the blow of transitioning seasons. There’s actually no better time to do it, too! By tending to your garden now, you can make sure it blooms next spring while it stays beautiful through the winter months. Here are a few of our favorite fall gardening tips for homeowners.

Out With The Old!

Fall is a great time to detox your garden. Pull weeds, till the soil and dig up any flowers you don’t want for next season. If you have perennials you hope will flower next spring, make sure you shake any seeds out of the plant before you toss it. Do maintenance on your existing growth, trim, deadhead, and search your plants for any signs of disease. Note: If you do pull up a diseased plant, don’t add it to your compost pile or you could spread the problem!

In With The New!

Looking to add a little color to your garden? Go with the traditional chrysanthemums, or spice it up (literally!) by adding ornamental peppers. These hardy growers are great for the fall season, and you can enjoy their beautifully colored fruit until ripe, then throw it in your next dish! Lay fresh mulch and keep fertilizing your lawn to promote growth even through the chillier months.

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