What to Expect When You Get a Speeding Ticket

11 April 2016 Category: Uncategorized

What to Expect When You Get a Speeding Ticket

How will a speeding ticket affect your car insurance premium?

You look into your rearview mirror and see the flashing red and blue lights tailing you. After you pull over, and realize the officer is going to have none of your silly business, you’re handed a speeding ticket. One of your initial thoughts may be, “By how much is this going to affect my car insurance?” Well, the answer is not that simple: it may increase by 3 percent, 10 percent, something higher, or by nothing at all. Here you can find out what you can expect when you get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket.

Receiving a Speed Ticket

Every driver, from time to time, will look at their speedometer to find they are travelling well above the speed limit. Most of them will tap their brakes and slow down to a more reasonable speed, while others believe themselves to be Speed Racer and keep going. Of course, there are other times when life’s distractions get in the way (like children) and we don’t even realize how fast we are going. Regardless, it’s never fun to face the consequences of getting pulled over by a police officer and getting a speeding ticket.

How a Speeding Ticket Affects Your Insurance Rates

One speeding ticket may not affect your car insurance at all because most car insurance companies aren’t checking your driving record every month, only at the beginning when they initially make your contract. The more you get, however, a little red light will flash over your head and make you a high-risk driver. Subsequently raising your auto insurance premium.

Speeding tickets are something that you should always avoid to keep your driving record clean, and your premium rates as low as possible.  If you have any questions regarding car insurance in Pasadena, CA!, contact Massive Insurance. Our team is dedicated to getting you the best coverage at the best price.