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1 February 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Pasadena, CA Homeowners Insurance Exclusions You Need To Know

Know how to make up for these common Pasadena, CA homeowners insurance exclusions.

Your home is most likely your biggest investment, which is why you protect it with a Pasadena, CA homeowners insurance policy. While your home insurance will provide coverage for many incidents, it will not provide protection for every disaster that you encounter. Consider these common Pasadena, CA homeowners insurance exclusions to ensure you are not left paying for damages on your own.

Water damage

Water damage can be caused by a backed up sewer system or an El Nino flood. Investing in flood insurance will provide the coverage you need in case of a flood. To protect your home from an overflowing sewer system, you will need to add an endorsement to your policy.

Earth movement

Sinkholes, earthquakes, and mudflows are all types of earth movements that your home insurance won’t cover. Adding sinkhole coverage and choosing the right earthquake insurance policy can ensure you have the right amount of protection.

Valuable items

The personal property portion of your homeowners insurance policy has strict limits. If you have any valuables, such as fine art or jewelry, they will most likely exceed the limits. Scheduling any valuables you have within your home insurance policy will give you the right amount of protection.

Preventable or intentional loss

Any damage that you intentionally cause to your home will not be covered by your policy. Damage that you could have prevented will also not be covered. Properly maintaining your house is the best way to ensure you don’t run into either of these issues.

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