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2 October 2015 Category: Uncategorized

Employers: Be Informed About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Helpful facts employers should know about their workers’ compensation insurance.  

You likely already know that workers’ compensation insurance is required for employers in California. Do you know much more than that, though?

Since you have to carry this type of coverage, we believe you deserve to know a bit about it. Here are some interesting facts about workers’ compensation insurance that all employers should know.

  • Everybody needs it. All too often, people think the workers’ compensation requirements are only applicable to big business. Actually, though, if you have even one person who you’ve got helping with your work, you need to insure them. Employers with independent contractors, unpaid volunteers, and even domestic employees who only work in their private home need workers’ comp.
  • It’s a no-fault coverage. The great news about workers’ compensation is it saves you and your employee the hassle—or worse—of trying to figure out who was at fault in the accident because it’s a no-fault coverage. That means it pays out even if your employee made a mistake or your safety procedures just weren’t thorough enough.
  • It can extend your business’s walls. Your workers’ compensation can help you protect your team even when they’re not within the confines of your business. If you send an employee on a business trip, require attendance at an after-hours, off-site event, or even just send someone out on a business errand, you can rest easy knowing your staff is still safeguarded.

Clearly, workers’ compensation is a crucial part of your Pasadena, CA business insurance portfolio. Fortunately, getting the coverage you need to protect your team, your business, and your bottom line can be easy if you work with Massive Insurance. We’re here to tailor coverage for business owners in Pasadena and the surrounding California area, so don’t hesitate to contact us.