email security tips for small businesses

20 August 2020 Category: Business Insurance

Email Security Tips for Small Businesses

Google has reported that 18 million phishing emails related to COVID-19 were identified daily during just one week in April. Many of those emails looked like they were from government agencies, striking individuals and businesses with fear. Although many businesses are now aware of the threat, that doesn’t mean that hackers have given up. Small businesses in particular need to enforce strong email security to protect their company. Take a look at these essential email security tips for small businesses.

Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Use strong passwords  – Most people already know that creating a strong password is essential to keep emails secure. Make sure your business uses strong passwords that are a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters, and are at least ten digits long. Change these passwords seasonally.

Train your team – All employees who access business emails should know what to look for before opening an email. If an email seems suspicious or doesn’t sound like a client, then your team should know how to react. Let them know how to handle phishing scams.

Encrypt sensitive information – If you have to send sensitive information via email, best practice is to encrypt it. When you encrypt something, it means you disguise the information so that hackers can’t read it. A public key, in the form of a digital code, is used to encrypt the email and a private key is used to decrypt the email.

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