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Get Ready For El Ninõ With These Tips

Following these tips will help your home and car stay safe during El Ninõ.

With the recent heavy rains and dangerous flooding, there is no way to deny that El Ninõ is here. Even if you have started taking the necessary steps to get ready for the upcoming storms, there is always more you can do. Use these El Ninõ tips and tricks to ensure you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

  • Clearing your rain gutters and ensuring all weather stripping around your doors and windows is tight will help to minimize water damage to your house.
  • If the crawl spaces in your house or your basement are susceptible to flooding, invest in a sump pump. This guide will help you find the right sump pump to install in your house.
  • Just 12 inches of water can be enough to carry a small car away. Only two feet of water can carry almost any vehicle on the road. Never try to drive through rushing water, even if it looks shallow and you think you can safely make it through.
  • Heavy rains can make the roads very dangerous. Swap out your headlights to ensure they illuminate the road ahead. Invest in new windshield wipers that will work best to keep water off of your windshield during a downpour.
  • Create an emergency kit that is easily accessible. Putting these essential items will help to make sure that you are have everything you need in case of a disaster. You should also consider creating an emergency kit to leave in your vehicle.
  • Take a look at your downspouts and ensure they are extending, at least, six feet away from your basement walls to prevent any flooding.

Most importantly, take a look at your insurance policies to ensure you have the right amount of coverage in case of any unfortunate situation. Contact the insurance professionals at Massive Insurance in Pasadena, California for all of your coverage needs.