19 March 2014 Category: Article Archives

Don’t Get Sick; Get Even with the Flu

Even though we are looking forward to springtime, flu season isn’t quite over yet!  Preventing the flu is a lot easier than having the flu, and here are a few tips to keep you healthy as we head towards the warmer weather.

Wash your hands several times a day with soap and warm water.  Each hand washing should take at least fifteen seconds for highest affectivity.

Carry (and use!) gel hand sanitizer; many communal surfaces can carry flu germs including: copy machine buttons, coffee pot handles, doorknobs, telephones, shared books/office supplies.  Any surface that a great many individuals come into contact with is a potential contagious one; ensure that you sanitize both yourself and the surface with frequency.

Drink plenty of fluids; water is the best!

Eat healthfully and exercise regularly; taking care of your health is a full-contact process.

Ensure that you schedule sufficient relaxation time into your day.  Stress can be a factor that decreases immunity.

Ensure that you sleep eight hours a night for full health benefits.

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