Difference Between the Auto Warranty & Auto Insurance in Pasadena, CA

11 August 2016 Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

Difference Between the Auto Warranty & Auto Insurance

Car warranty and auto insurance in Pasadena, CA may sound like the same thing, but in reality, they cover two very different aspects of the car and knowing the difference could save you some serious cash. 

Extended warranty and car insurance are two terms that are often brought up when one is purchasing a new car–new or used. These valuable additions are mistakenly thought of as the same thing with two different names. This assumption, however, is incorrect, and this mistake can be a rather costly assumption. They cover two completely different things and are required if you want to be protected from every angle; protection at 360 degrees. Here are the exact differences between a car warranty and auto insurance in Pasadena, CA.

Car Warranty

Like every quality product that you buy and use, there comes a basic period of warranty during which the company “guarantees” you that their product will be free from any defects that originate from the manufacturing department. The same thing goes with cars. Should any malfunctions come from manufacturing, the company will replace the parts that it deems necessary for the car to work in proper order. It doesn’t cover things that arise due to normal wear and tear, and damages resulting from negligence in part from the customer.

Car Insurance

Car insurance will help cover the financial costs of a complete repair or replacement after an accident. Insurance covers the car as well as the driver of the car. It includes financial costs associated with any bodily damages that arise from the crash. The insurance company responsible for covering the accident is a matter of whose fault it was. Should the accident be particularly grim and death is the result, insurance may also cover the funeral costs and other expenses. You, along with almost every other driver in the world, may consider yourself to be the world’s best driver, but accidents happen. It’s important to have insurance in place to cover the expenses that would otherwise have to come from your very own pocket.

Knowing the difference between a warranty and insurance could potentially save you from unwanted and uncomfortable expenses. If you have any questions regarding car insurance in Pasadena, CA and how you can cut your premiums, contact Massive Insurance. Our dedicated team can get you the best coverage at the best price.