The Dangers of Fall Driving

10 October 2016 Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

The Dangers of Fall Driving

Fall is a fantastic season, but it has its own unique obstacles of which all drivers must be wary. 

Fall is a great season because we’re finally able to bust out our comfortable sweaters and cardigans, bake tasty apple pies, and enjoy the awesome palette of red, orange, and yellow that mother nature colors the trees. It’s truly an aesthetically beautiful season; but, it also brings unique challenges to drivers, which can make the roads particularly dangerous. Find out the dangers fall brings to most drivers.

The Fall Driving Dangers


Water and oil don’t mix well. Make such an attempt and the two substances will separate with oil on top and water on the bottom due to different densities. When it rains, and the roads become wet, water and oil inhabit the same zone. This forces the oil on the street to float on top of a thin layer of water and makes the roads slick. Slippery roads mean increased braking distances for vehicles, so be sure to keep enough room between you and the car in front of you.

Back to School Traffic

Fall means it’s back to school for all kids. Watch out for more cars and buses on the road during the mornings and evenings as children are dropped off and picked up from school; drivers also need to watch out for an increase in pedestrians, as some kids walk to and from school. Make sure to obey all street signs, including the crossing guard’s stop sign on every crosswalk and the stop signs on the side of school buses that activate and fold out every time they stop.


As the days become shorter towards winter, photosynthesis decreases on tree leaves, and so trees begin to shed their leaves. They fall to the ground and can pose threats to drivers. They can block important traffic lines (which make staying in your lane difficult), hide potholes (which can cause major damage not only to your wheel, but your entire frame), and create unsafe road surfaces (wet leaves can affect traction as much as ice).

These great fall driving strategies don’t mean very much if you don’t have a quality auto insurance to cover you in case of any accident. If you have any questions regarding auto insurancecontact Massive Insurance. Our team is dedicated to getting you the best coverage at the best price.