28 March 2014 Category: Article Archives

Customize Your Insurance Coverage With a Business Owners’ Policy

Every business – no matter how big or small – needs insurance coverage. From liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, commercial property and auto policies, your business is at risk without the appropriate type of coverage. One traffic accident or employee injury could leave you bankrupt.

But do you need all of these products? Maybe. Most states, including California, require businesses to carry workers comp insurance for each employee, and if you have a brick-and-mortar location, you’ll certainly want to have commercial property coverage.

To meet each business owner’s specific needs, Massive Insurance offers Business Owners’ Policies that can be customized for each individual company. One policy will provide you peace of mind that your business is properly insured, and it may actually end up saving you some money on premiums. 

Talk to us at Massive Insurance and learn how a Business Owners’ Policy can provide all the coverage you need. We’re here to help protect the investments of business owners in Pasadena, Calif.