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23 February 2017 Category: Business Insurance

Protect Your Business Against the Most Common Insurance Claims Against Businesses

Business insurance in Glendale, CA is something that all business owners must purchase for their business if they want to protect it from the risks that it faces on an everyday basis.

When it comes to something as important as your business, you need to make sure you have it insured against the risks it faces on an everyday basis. But as Alexander Pope once wrote, “To err is human….” and accidents are bound to happen regardless of your business insurance in Glendale, CA. But taking action to prevent certain claims can go a long way and keep your premium at a low rate, and keep you from paying those deductibles.

To prepare for every possible claim that has ever been filed is impossible, but there are some common claims we see filed that could have easily been avoided with a bit of preparation. Here are ways you can protect your business against the most common insurance claims.

  1. Time Your Lights – Set up a system in which the lights are all timed to turn on and off at specific times.  You can create it so that they turn on for a few minutes throughout the night to make it appear like there are always people working.
  2. Write Clear Instructions – To avoid liability issues with your product, be as specific as possible with your product or service’s instructions. A company can be sued if it was used for something for which it was not intended. Make it clear as to what your product should and should not be used for.
  3. Assess Water Damage – When it rains, does water tend to pool around your business or office? If so, your business’ structure may be in trouble, and flood insurance is your way to cover for that kind of damage.
  4. Consider Safety – To reduce slips and falls, make sure that your floors are always dry. When you mop or clean a spill, always set up a sign indicating the area is wet. You should also reduce clutter around your office to minimize the risk of people tripping and falling.

To err is human, to insure is divine… or something like that, right? Do your best to prevent any accidents in your business in order to keep your claims to yourself. When looking for the right business insurance in Glendale, CA to meet the needs of your unique type of product or service, contact the independent insurance professionals at Massive Insurance. We can tailor the right general liability insurance policy for your business.