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19 March 2020 Category: Article Archives, Business Insurance

Common Examples of Employee Harassment in the Workplace

How to Tackle Workplace Harassment


Even in our civilized society, harassment is still a reality for millions of American workers. All forms of harassment, whether they’re based on gender, race, disability or personal beliefs, can leave a lasting, damaging effect on the victim. Not only that, but harassment creates a hostile environment where employees don’t feel safe. By recognizing the most common types of workplace harassment, you can help to prevent these situations from occurring.


Sexual and Gender Harassment

These are two of the most common and diverse types of workplace abuse and, in general, more women report this type of abuse. Sexual harassment can include inappropriate behavior, sexual advances, or unwanted physical contact in the workplace. Gender harassment is slightly different because it involves general sexist behavior, such as making remarks or engaging in demeaning conduct.


Racial Harassment

Racial harassment and discrimination can involve anything from unwelcome comments or demeaning behavior rated to race, color, or national origin. It can range from mocking a worker’s account to psychologically intimidating employees by making threats or displaying discriminatory symbols.


Harassment Related to Religious Beliefs

Although it isn’t illegal to make an offhand comment or joke about someone’s religion, this form of harassment should never be tolerated inside or outside of the workplace. Insensitive comments about one’s spiritual or personal beliefs can be hurtful and may create an environment where other forms of harassment can flourish.


Under federal law, businesses are responsible for preventing harassment and for addressing disputes quickly and fairly. Unresolved harassment claims may lead to government investigations, lawsuits, and lost revenue. Protect your business and employees by making it clear that no harassment is accepted in the workplace.


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