Car Insurance in Pasadena, CA for People Under 25

5 February 2016 Category: Uncategorized

How can People Under 25 get Affordable car Insurance in Pasadena, CA?

Even if you haven’t turned 25, you deserve competitively priced car insurance in Pasadena, CA!

Being young has a lot of perks! You have plenty of energy, your joints don’t hurt, and best of all, you’ve got your whole future ahead of you. There are some downsides, though. Specifically, if you’re under 25 you’re about to overpay for car insurance.

Are there reasons why? Actually, agents just know how to look at statistics. Drivers under 25 are riskier on the road, and, consequently, riskier to insure. This risk gets passed along to you in the form of higher car insurance premiums.

You don’t have to take age-based premiums sitting down, though! Here are a few things you can do to get more affordable car insurance even if you’re under 25.

  • Buy renters insurance. It might seem counterintuitive to buy something else if you’re trying to save money, but renters insurance is very affordable. Plus, when you get both that and your car insurance from the same insurance agency, they’ll be able to offer you bundling discounts.
  • Get good grades. If you’re still in school and earning a B average or better, let your insurer know. No, you’re not bragging. This can actually earn you a good student discount.
  • Be proud of your job. Did you know that what you do for a paycheck impacts the check you cut your insurer? Ask your employers about discount programs if you work for a small or mid-sized business, and let your insurer know if you telecommute. Less time on the road can mean paying less for your coverage.

You might be under 25, but you still deserve to get affordable car insurance in Pasadena, CA! To learn more about how you can save on your California coverage, contact Massive Insurance. Our team is dedicated to getting you the best coverage at the best price – no matter your age!