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22 May 2015 Category: Article Archives

Formulating & Maintaining Your Business Preparedness Plan

Disaster Preparedness 101

Business owners operating in California and across the country must think about ways to safeguard their biggest investment from the possibility of an emergency. Since we cannot predict the unforeseen, it is important that each business makes their own business preparedness plan. Keep these preparedness tips in mind:

  • The first step is forming a committee that will be responsible for creating and maintaining your business preparedness plan. Be sure to identify any government or corporate regulations that may impact the business preparedness plan.
  • When it comes to formulating the most optimized preparedness plan, it is important to research potential hazards and risks that may impact your business. You can conduct a business impact analysis that will allow you to calculate the likelihood of these occurrences so that you can plan ahead for the possibility.
  • Overall, your business preparedness plan should incorporate the following:
    • Resource Management
    • Crisis Communications
    • Emergency Response
    • Business Continuity
    • Information Technology & Data Protection
    • Employee Assistance
    • Incident Management
    • Training for Emergencies
  • It is not enough to create a business preparedness plan. You must also test the plan and run disaster drills to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies. It is highly recommended that you conduct regular disaster drills so that all team members can be aware of the proper way to react, respond, and recover.
  • There is always room for improvement, so make regular efforts to determine ways in which you can further improve your business preparedness plan. This can be done by taking notes after each disaster drill and asking for employee and team member input.

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