Flu Symptoms

19 February 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Beat Sickness by Recognizing These Flu Symptoms

Stop the flu before it gets too serious by recognizing these symptoms.

We certainly all agree that the flu is a hassle, but for some people it can become much more than that. The influenza virus – or flu – can aggravate preexisting health conditions and cause serious health issues like pneumonia and bronchitis. Fortunately, recognizing the flu early can help you get the treatment you need to nip your sickness in the bud this flu season.

How do you know if you’re coming down with the influenza virus? Here are a few of the most common flu symptoms:

  • You feel tired. Fatigue, especially if it comes on suddenly and feels overwhelming, is a very good indicator that you’re coming down with the flu. Bear in mind that there’s a noticeable difference between feeling a little tired after staying up too late and sickness-induced fatigue.
  • Your body aches or feels cold. Body aches most commonly occur in your head and legs when you’re coming down with the flu, but they can really strike any part of your body. If chills accompany them, head to your doctor – stat!
  • Your throat hurts or tickles. A sore throat and coughing are two of the most common – and telling – flu symptoms. If you have a cough you just can’t seem to shake or your throat feels irritated, start doing what you can to fend off illness.
  • You’re feverish. You get a fever when your body heats up because it’s trying to kill off an infection. With the flu, it’s not uncommon for your temperature to reach the 100s! If you’re experiencing this kind of fever, you’re well into the flu – stay home from work and see your doctor instead.

If you do start to notice any of these symptoms, don’t wait to head to the doctor! To make sure you have the health insurance you need to make those visits possible, contact Massive Insurance in Pasadena, California.