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18 February 2021 Category: Auto Insurance

Understanding Your Auto Coverage Needs

It’s no news that your auto insurance coverage is essential. Coverages like comprehensive, collision, bodily injury, and property liability can help cover the cost of expensive claims in the event of an accident. However, every driver has their own coverage needs. So, it may be difficult to answer the question of how much auto insurance coverage you need.

For the exact amount of auto insurance coverage required, you need to perform a degree of research. The amount of deductibles you can afford will significantly impact your insurance costs. In this article, we will review the different auto insurance coverage options to help you make the best choice.

Knowing the Coverage Needed

If you have previously insured to a certain level, make a list that includes everything included in that policy. When you make a list of what you have insured, it prevents duplicate covering when purchasing your auto insurance.

Knowing what you need can give you a good idea of the auto insurance package that works for you. It will also help you make the best choice in terms of price.

Understanding Coverage Limits

Your limit may be listed as 100/300/50, which is a typical auto insurance policy structure when purchasing liability coverage. This limit is also commonly recommended by a good number of insurers. The first two numbers signify the bodily injury liability coverage, and the third number means property damage liability coverage.

The popularly recommended limit of 100/300/50 seems enough for some individuals, but it may not meet other financially buoyant people’s standards. One of the best rules to follow in car insurance is ensuring that you remain covered for an amount that equals the sum of your assets. When you are covered up to your assets’ value, your assets will remain protected even after monetary damage.

Insurance Coverage for Older Vehicles

The cost of maintenance for an older vehicle is on the rise. Older cars have less efficient safety features, a higher chance of breakdowns, and higher repair costs. Apart from these features of older vehicles, they are also easy to steal.

If you are confused about choosing comprehensive coverage, you should ask yourself if you are financially capable of replacing a stolen vehicle. If you can’t replace it, then the best choice is going for the basic liability challenge.

It’s advisable for individuals with less financial security to go for comprehensive coverage in the auto insurance package. If you overestimate your vehicle’s worth, it could lead to overpaying, which you should avoid.

How about Family Coverage

Covering the entire family under an auto insurance plan is a great idea. Besides, most companies give discounts on auto insurance premiums when multiple people and/or vehicles are ensured. Families with more than one vehicle can get discounts for insuring several cars in a single insurance policy.

How Much of a Deductible is Needed?

The deductible is the amount you need to add to pay for repairs on the car if there’s an accident. Most auto insurers don’t pay to repair all damages. For instance, if an individual has incurred $5,000 in damages in an accident, and the deductible is $1,000, the individual pays $1,000, while the company covers the remaining $4,000.

It’s not difficult to figure out the amount of coverage you need. The first step to getting the most out of your coverage is choosing the best insurance policy for your particular needs. Contact our agents at Massive Insurance and Financial Services today to find out how we can help you to get the best auto insurance coverage.