Business Owners Policy in Pasadena, CA

25 February 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Are Outside Hazards Included in my Business Owners Policy in Pasadena, CA?

Outdoor hazards pose a very real threat to your business—you should know if your current business owners policy in Pasadena, CA protects against them.

The protection of everything inside your business is probably a main priority when you’re purchasing a business policy. But have you considered the many ways that the great outdoors present a threat to you and your business? If your expensive landscape gets destroyed in a storm, or a customer falls in your parking lot, are you covered? Learn about the different ways that outdoor hazards may post a threat to your small business in Pasadena, CA, and how to protect yourself.

Business Owners Policy (BOP) Coverage

A BOP very often helps protect your business’ physical building and other items that are inside of it. In many cases, weather-related incidents are also covered because typically the weather affects the building itself. But activities that happen outside of your building are generally not covered. If your business extends outside, you may want to consider these additional coverages that will come to the rescue if unforeseen incidents are to occur.

  • Outdoor signage coverage: Protects signs that are not attached to your building from theft/vandalism.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage: If you’re known for hosting big games on the big screen, and your satellite/antennae is damaged, mechanical breakdown coverage will protect you.
  • Property-in-transit and off-premise coverage: for your employees that regularly carry company equipment to offsite events.
  • Outdoor property coverage: Protects chairs, tables, outdoor heaters, and other fixtures.


When looking for the right business owners insurance policy in Pasadena, CA that will meet the needs of your specific business, contact the independent insurance professionals at Massive Insurance.