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6 February 2020 Category: Article Archives

5 Ways to Improve Your Daily Car Commute

Commuter Tips to Help You Enjoy the Drive to Work


We get it, the daily commute can be a drag. Being stuck bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic is no one’s idea of fun, but it’s the price we pay to get to and from work. However, this commuting time doesn’t have to be wasted time. Whether you use it productively or just use it for a little solace, there are some great ways to improve your car commute and make it safer.


Get up earlier – Even just waking up 5 or 10 minutes earlier means that you can enjoy breakfast without having to rush out the door. If you’re late and rushing, you’re more likely to drive poorly on the roads and make mistakes.


Develop alternative routes – When we drive the same roads every day, we can switch on auto-pilot to drive and tune out everything that is happening around us. This can be dangerous for yourself, other motorists, and pedestrians alike. To focus on the road ahead and give you more control over your commute, map out a couple of different ways to get to and from work and try them!


Check weather reports beforehand – Checking the weather report before you leave the house or work means that you’re better prepared for what’s ahead. If it’s likely to start raining on your drive, you should know to double your stopping distance and turn on your car’s lights.


Control your road rage – Road rage gets the best of us, especially when sharing the road with reckless drivers. However, getting into these situations doesn’t make us feel better and it certainly doesn’t make us safer drivers. Avoid road rage by slowly counting to ten to reduce stress and avoid looking other motorists in the eye.


Time to focus – While you can certainly check out podcasts and music stations on your drive, you may choose to turn off the radio and, instead, use your commuting time to think about the tasks you have to do at work. Preparing for the day ahead helps you to hit the ground running when you get to work. Reflecting on the day on the drive home can help you to unwind.


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