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8 June 2022 Category: Auto Insurance

5 Significant Auto Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About

The average driver in the United States pays $1,976 per year for car insurance. That’s a lot of money to spend on something you may not even use every day. If you want to save some cash and get good coverage simultaneously, consider switching your auto insurance company.

Car insurance is required in most places to protect a driver’s assets and to comply with the law. The good news is that there are auto insurance discounts to lower the prices charged by insurance companies. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware of certain money-saving alternatives. Here are five lesser-known auto insurance discounts that every driver should be aware of to get the best auto insurance coverage deal possible.

  1. Membership Based Discounts

    Many vehicle insurance firms have partnerships with businesses or organizations. Motorists who work for specific companies or belong to specific clubs or associations may be eligible for auto insurance discounts. Most insurers provide a list of affiliation discounts on their website, so drivers should double-check to see if they qualify for any savings depending on who they work for or what types of organizations they belong to.

  2. Discounts on Purchasing Environmental Friendly Vehicles

    Choosing an environmentally friendly vehicle, such as a hybrid or electric vehicle, is advantageous in several ways. Not only do these vehicles help you save on gas, but many insurers provide discounts on auto insurance costs for drivers who use environmentally-friendly vehicles. These savings should be considered when acquiring a new vehicle, as lower premiums may make a green vehicle a great choice when paired with government incentives.

  3. Savings Through Online Quotes

    Surprisingly, some insurers provide lower prices to those who obtain quotations for their policies online and purchase them. These auto insurance discounts can be very useful for vehicle owners. This is a big victory because acquiring internet insurance estimates may save them time and money while also allowing them to choose the right coverage.

  4. Discounts on Payments

    Setting up automatic payments can help drivers save money on their auto insurance rates. It also makes life easier because they won’t have to remember to make a payment each month. Many insurers offer additional savings for customers who prefer to pay their premium only once a year, along with reductions for setting up automated monthly payments. Vehicle owners should examine whether this will fit into their budgets and whether paying annually rather than monthly can save them money.

  5. Discounts for Low-Mileage Vehicles

    Those who drive less are considered less at risk by auto insurance providers because the fewer kilometers traveled, the smaller the chance of an accident. As a result, insurers may charge individuals who don’t drive as often a lower premium.

    Since many people are currently working from home due to the pandemic and taking fewer road trips, It helps to be aware of low mileage discounts. Also, notify your insurer as soon as possible if your driving habits have changed. You can save significantly on auto insurance if you’re parking your automobiles in the garage more often than before.

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