Factors That Influence The Cost Of Renters Insurance

22 July 2021 Category: Renters Insurance

5 Factors That Influence the Cost of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance offers protection for your personal property and liability if there’s damage such as a fire or loss from theft. It also covers the expenses that might accumulate from your temporary stay away from home during repairs.

It is a very affordable policy compared to other types of property insurance like homeowners insurance or auto insurance. The price of your renters insurance premium is determined by how much coverage you buy, what kind of building you live in, and your ZIP code.

What Influences the Cost of Renters Insurance?

Although renters insurance is very affordable, the prices might vary due to several factors and your living situation.

Some of these factors include:


This is an important factor to consider when purchasing renters insurance because the place and the building you live in determine its level of risk exposure. The prices can vary by state or even within the city you live in. Some states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Alabama have more expensive renter insurance because of the high exposure to risks like storms and tornados, while states like Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota are cheaper due to the low probability of experiencing natural disasters. As for price varying within a city, some buildings are older and do not have adequate security and safety features, unlike newer buildings that tend to have solid security systems.

2.Credit Score

 By improving your credit scores, you may be able to get better renters insurance because maintaining a good credit score might be perceived as a sign of financial stability. This can mean lower premiums and overall savings for you.

3.Property’s Value

Another determinant is the value of your building and belongings included. The higher the value of your property, which is the price of the sum of your entire possessions, the more it will cost to insure your home.


The amount of coverage you want is also an important factor in determining the cost of your renters insurance. You can help control these costs by only purchasing coverage that is specific to your situation. Choose your coverage options carefully and consider the option of adding specific endorsements to ensure you have the precise coverage you need without spending on options you do not need.


Your deductible is the money you pay before your coverage is activated. If you choose a policy with higher deductibles, you pay lower premiums. If you choose a policy with lower deductibles, you will pay higher premiums.

To get better insurance rates, you can often bundle your renters insurance with another insurance plan or pay your annual premium once rather than monthly. To get some peace of mind, contact our experts at Massive Insurance today to learn more about renters insurance.