9 April 2014 Category: Article Archives

5 Car Maintenance Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

It’s time to get the car ready for spring, especially since the average age of vehicles is more than 10 years old. Here are five important spring maintenance tips for your vehicle:

  1. Change your vehicle’s oil and check all the fluids to ensure they are at their proper levels.
  2. Check the pressure of and rotate your tires. Make sure your spare tire is inflated and ready to go.
  3. Inspect your brakes and related components. After a winter full of salty roads, it is important to check the brake pads, rotors, etc. to ensure there are no parts corroded.
  4. Test your AC. If you plan on taking a trip this spring or summer, then you’ll need a properly functioning air conditioner. If you suspect there is a problem, contact a mechanic immediately.
  5. Inspect and test your battery. A battery works harder in the colder weather, so you need to make sure it is putting off enough voltage. Replace your battery if it’s several years old because a battery is always cheaper than being towed.

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