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23 July 2020 Category: Article Archives

Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Filing Claims

After an accident or incident, it’s critical for businesses to file claims correctly. When business owners fail to file a claim, they risk not getting the full reimbursement or no payment at all. As a small business owner, getting fully compensated for a claim may be the difference between surviving the incident or closing your doors for good. To avoid troubles, it’s worth knowing what common mistakes business owners make and how to avoid costly errors when filing a claim.   Avoiding Common Business Insurance Claim Mistakes   Mistake: Waiting […]
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9 July 2020 Category: Uncategorized

Make Sure Your Car is Prepared for Breakdown Season

Whether you are planning a road trip or are simply returning to work and going to be driving every day, it’s worth ensuring that your vehicle is up for the job. From reviewing your auto insurance in Glendale, CA to topping up the fluids, here are some most-know tips about preparing your vehicle for breakdown season.   Prepare Your Vehicle for Breakdown Season in Summer Avoid a breakdown Before traveling, ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Don’t be tempted to fall behind on repairs or maintenance, as this will […]