Back to School Tips

29 July 2015 Category: Article Archives

Back to School Tips For Little Tykes & Parents

Ensuring A Smooth Transition Back To School Going back to school, especially at a brand new school, can be an overwhelming experience for children. The best way to describe it is bittersweet – They are excited to see their old friends but nervous about all of the uncertainties associated with a new school year, new lessons, new teacher, and new friends. We want you and your little tyke to have a successful transition once the new school year arrives, which is why we have gathered some back to school tips […]
Apps for Older People

22 July 2015 Category: Article Archives

Smartphone Applications For The Elderly

Download These Apps For Your Loved Ones! We all know that our smartphones have brought productivity and creativity to our hands, but there is an age group that is not fully taking advantage of the apps offered to them. Since your elderly parents or grandparents may not realize how much their phones can help to provide them with convenience, we recommend downloading these apps for older people to get them ahead of the times: Pillboxie – Do you have a loved one who seems to always forget when to take […]
California Paid Sick Leave Act

17 July 2015 Category: Article Archives

California Paid Sick Leave Act – What You Need To Know

Understanding The California Paid Sick Leave Act The California Paid Sick Leave Act was just passed and business owners throughout the state are now responsible for following new rules and regulations. The size of your business is not a factor, ensuring all employees receive the compensation they deserve through sick days. Gathered is all the must-know information about the new California Paid Sick Leave Act so that you can make sure you are properly protecting your employees: The California Paid Sick Leave Act guarantees that all California workers who work […]
Wildfire Season and Homeowners Insurance Pasadena CA

13 July 2015 Category: Article Archives

Safeguarding Your Home From Wildfires

Wildfire Season And Homeowners Insurance In Pasadena, California Homeowners to the Golden State are no stranger to California wildfires, but if you fail to take proactive measure you can find your home in ruin once the storm subsides. In the midst of wildfire season, safeguarding your home from the damage fires leave in their path cannot be stressed enough. We want to ensure that you, your home, and your family are protected, which is why we urge you to keep these homeowner safety tips in mind: There is no reason […]
Car Care & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

8 July 2015 Category: Article Archives

Essential Car Maintenance Tasks

Car Care & Car Insurance In Pasadena, California Car maintenance and proper car care is the only way to ensure the longevity of your ride. Unfortunately, most motorists neglect their rides until there are flashing lights and unfamiliar noises bombarding their journeys. We want to ensure you and your car are ready to take on any obstacles, which is why we have gathered a list of essential car maintenance tasks that will keep your car protected: As temperatures continue to fluctuate throughout the summer, it is important that you check […]
Recipe: Summer Corn and Tomato Pasta

1 July 2015 Category: Article Archives

Recipe: Summer Corn & Tomato Pasta

Spice Up Your Summer With Summer Corn & Tomato Pasta The summer season is here! While it probably has you getting out of the house more and getting more involved in local events, it is also changing your lifestyle at home, too. It shows in the food you eat. If you are looking for fresh and light but still delicious meals to put on the table this summer, working in seasonal ingredients is key. For a flavorful summer meal that will use in-season tomatoes and corn, try this summer corn […]