Disasters & Home Insurance Pasadena CA

24 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

Disasters & Home Insurance: Which Are Covered?

Understanding Your Pasadena, CA Home Insurance & Disaster Coverage You have taken the time to secure home insurance to protect one of your biggest investments and the belongings you store in it. Unfortunately, many people know that their home insurance protects them somehow, but are not familiar with the details. So you can know exactly when your coverage will step in to protect you, here is a quick look at covered disasters with your Pasadena, CA home insurance. Fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, smoke, vandalism, theft, volcanic eruption, and damage […]
What to Do If Your Car Overheats

19 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

What To Do If Your Car Overheats

A Quick Guide Of What To Do If Your Car Overheats Summer is upon us. While rising temperatures mean great things for your pool plans, they can be less good for your car. If your car engine gets a little too hot, you can find yourself facing a breakdown. Fortunately, knowing what to do can help you get back on the road in no time. To help you combat the rising temperatures this summer, here is a look at what to do if your car overheats. Avoid the AC, which puts […]
Disasters & Business Insurance Pasadena CA

15 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

Preparing Your Business (& Business Insurance) For Disasters

Is Your Business & Its Pasadena, CA Business Insurance Disaster Ready? Business owners know that there are a number of specific risks their industry faces. There are also general risks that all business—and all individuals—face in the form of disasters. Because disasters are not predictable, they pose a serious business risk. Fortunately, with a little disaster preparedness you can ensure in the face of a disaster, your Pasadena, CA business and insurance are ready. Write It Down: Whether you call it a disaster recovery plan, a business continuity plan, or something […]
California Drought: Home & Yard Water Conservation Tips

10 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

California Drought: Home & Yard Water Conservation Tips

Home & Yard Water Conservation Tips For The California Drought We are years into this drought, yet many of us are just now beginning to change our habits to conserve water. Fortunately, by implementing a few water conservation tips, you can make it easy and painless for you to cut back your water usage. In fact, you might find you did not really need all that water you were using before! So you can do your part during this California drought, these home & yard water conservation tips can help. […]
Teens & Car Insurance Pasadena CA

5 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

Teaching Your Teens To Be The Best Passenger

Minimizing Distracted Driving Among Teens A number of states have placed restrictions on how many passengers a teen can carry when he or she first becomes a licensed driver, and the age those passengers need to be. For good reason, too. For every passenger that is added to the car, a distraction is also added. While you know that your teen is able to focus on the road, you may worry when he or she is catching a ride with friends. To help your teen be the best, least distracting […]
Home Renovations and ROI

1 June 2015 Category: Article Archives

Boosting Home Value: Home Renovations and ROI

Maximizing Your Investment With The Right Home Upgrades Builders, landscapers, architects, and designers are all enthused to announce that home renovations are finally back on the rise! The majority of Americans put renovation dreams on the backburner during times of economic hardship, but with the economy steadily improving, there is no better time to start fulfilling your home upgrade requests. As a homeowner, it is important that you do not make the mistake of just opting for whatever home upgrade you have wanted longest. Rather, you should consider conducting renovations […]