Healthy Recipes For Parents To Cook With Their Kids

27 May 2015 Category: Article Archives

Recipes To Invite Your Kids To The Kitchen

Healthy Recipes For Parents To Cook With Their Kids Cooking with your kids when they are young is a great way to establish habits that they can carry with them throughout their lifetime. When you teach your children how to make all of their favorite healthy recipes, you can instill a healthy living lifestyle that they will continue. We have gathered a list of healthy recipes for parents to cook with their kids for your convenience: Raw Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe – Your kids will love this delicious chocolate-filled recipe! […]
Business Preparedness Plan Business Insurance

22 May 2015 Category: Article Archives

Formulating & Maintaining Your Business Preparedness Plan

Disaster Preparedness 101 Business owners operating in California and across the country must think about ways to safeguard their biggest investment from the possibility of an emergency. Since we cannot predict the unforeseen, it is important that each business makes their own business preparedness plan. Keep these preparedness tips in mind: The first step is forming a committee that will be responsible for creating and maintaining your business preparedness plan. Be sure to identify any government or corporate regulations that may impact the business preparedness plan. When it comes to […]
Memorial Day Recipes: Potato Salad

18 May 2015 Category: Article Archives

Memorial Day Recipe: Potato Salad

Impress Your Friends & Family With This Side Dish! With Memorial Day just around the corner, it is time to gather all of your favorite recipes so that you can impress all of your friends and family at your barbecue. We have gathered a delicious potato salad recipe for you to impress your loved ones with: Memorial Day Recipes: Potato Salad What you will need: 6 Pounds of Medium Red Potatoes 1 Cup of Water ½ Cup of Butter, Cubed ¼ Cup of White Vinegar 2 Eggs ½ Cup of […]
Home Buying Insurance Checklist Pasadena

13 May 2015 Category: Article Archives

Home Buying Insurance Checklist

House Hunting Insurance Considerations As a house hunter, it is important that you consider factors beyond just the cost of the house. One important consideration that comes hand in hand with home buying is insurance. We want to help you get the best bang for your buck so that you can move into the home of your dreams worry-free, which is why we have compiled a home buying insurance checklist for your convenience: Do some local research! Check out the quality and location of the closest fire department since homes […]
New Car & Auto Insurance Pasadena CA

8 May 2015 Category: Uncategorized

Extra Costs Associated With New Car Buying

New Car Buying & Auto Insurance New car buying is one of the most exciting experiences. As you calculate exactly how much you can comfortably afford on a brand new ride, it is important that you take some time to dig a little deeper to reveal underlying costs you may be forgetting about. When it comes to purchasing a new car and auto insurance, it is important that you consider the costs associated with car ownership: Car Insurance – While you may be inclined to assume that your coverage will […]
Summer Activities for Kids

1 May 2015 Category: Article Archives

Easing Your Child Into The Transition Of Summer

As you anxiously anticipate the arrival of summer break, it is important to consider how this transition will be on your children. Often, we forget to ease them into this transition, leaving a wide range of problems down the road. To help you get your child ready for summer, keep these helpful tips in mind: It is important to discuss your child’s educational progress regularly. By pointing out their academic growth by comparing last year’s assignments and accomplishments with this years’, you can help them see the natural succession of […]